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About Us

Why choose Us ...
  • Have you decided to get married and you are having a panic attack because you really need a professional wedding planner?
  • You wish to baptize your baby angel and you have no time for the preparations of the baptism event?
  • Is it your best friend’s birthday and you wish to surprise her/him with a special birthday party event that will be unforgetable?
  • Has your son just graduated and you wish to hold a celebration event for his graduation?
  • Has your company completed three years of successful business activity and you wish to organize an impressive anniversary celebration event?

There are so many reasons to consider hiring a professional Event & Wedding Planner.

Bright Blue provides everything you need for the coordination of any kind of event you have in mind! Place your trust in us and we will help you organize the event of your dreams in the most professional, quickest and economical way.

Because in the Bright Blue Wedding & Event Planning studio…

  • We are willing and full of enthusiasm to organize your event attending to every necessary detail with special care! We know every step of the way in order to organize an unforgettable event and so we put great emphasis on all the things that will make your reception special. Work with us and you will save yourselves from all the stress, the insecurity and the tension of the time-consuming searching process.
  • We are capable of handling everything in much less time than you will by yourself. Our personal research and our cooperation with the best suppliers guarantees a variety of both excellent and affordable choices. We offer a wide selection of our own handmade products which save you money and create the most appealing atmosphere!
  • We seek an exclusive and inspired result…Thanks to both our experience and our expertise, we make sure our customers avoid routinely used ideas and products. You will impress your guests and leave your personal mark! Matching our taste with your personal style and preferences will result in the most impressive celebration!
  • Rest assured that we know well how to organize a successful event! We avoid standards and routines… Our job is to create fresh ideas which will make your celebration a unique experience for everyone involved.

We welcome you to your own show… admission is free of charge… on condition that you employ your positive attitude and creativity!

Every bright blue event tells a story… what will yours say?

So… nice to meet you!!

What could be more exciting than taking part in the preparation of a celebration??

We are Anna and Georgia… Our motivation is our passion for aesthetic quality.

It was our interest in good taste that led us to the establishment of
Bright Blue Event & Wedding Planning Studio in both Athens
and Paros as our headquarters.

Our main business activity until now has been home and interior design which provided us
an expertise in the construction industry, visual merchandising, and photography.
In addition, our insight on interior designing (Naba academy di Milano) along with the
participation in special seminars on Event & Wedding planning enabled us to ensure
efficient and effective coordination for the preparation of an impressive wedding or a special event.

We also pride ourselves in providing a unique wedding experience or event coordination to
foreign customers of various lifestyles and traditions. Having worked in wedding companies
overseas and travelled a lot, we both share the expertise to cater to foreigners who wish to
organize successfully a wedding or an event in Greece.

We see every client as a unique case. Inspired by our travel experiences, your habits and interests,
we create handmade products tailored to your needs and budget. Our goal is to see you smiling!

We invite you to become the star of the day without having to worry about anything…
Leave everything to us!

Always look on the Bright side of Life.

Our badges