Greek Islands

Marriage in a Greek Island!

Live an unforgetable wedding experience and share beautiful moments with the love of your life! You have 227 destinations to choose, since that is the number of inhabited Greek islands where you can have your precious wedding!

Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island with party vibes, while Santorini offers the most romantic sunset and breathtaking view of the volcano. On the other hand, Rhodes charms everyone with its history of knighthood and its Medieval fortresses, and Corfu is marked by its Venetian atmosphere. Paros is the island that harmoniously blends elegance with tradition and Antiparos right beside it offers alternative mood and great beach parties. Famous for its cinematic background and the chapels surrounded by natural green and marine blue hues, Skiathos is an island distinguished for its youthful style.

Within a breathing distance from Athens, these islands are well-hidden treasures ideal for weddings. Spetses, well-known for its Armada festival, is an island of glorious history and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Tour around the island in a horse-drawn carriage and explore its unique beauties. Tzia is marked by its great architecture despite its stony terrain. The steep view from its capital Ioulida is a truly fascinating experience. The island closest to Athens is Aigina which is regarded as the jewel of Argosaronikos Gulf. Colourful houses and neoclassical buildings blend with the ancient ruins. The most prominent sight is the temple of Athena Alfaia which together with the temple of Poseidon and the Acropolis form a sacred triangle.

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Getting married in a Greek Island?

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