Everyday people of different nationalities, religions and lifestyles decide to express their love and affection through the matrimony of marriage. A wedding announcement reflects the couple’s common vision for the future as well as their passion and admiration for one another. There are many different types of wedding ceremonies, yet the essence of marriage is one: TRUE LOVE.

Bright Blue Event & Wedding Planners is here to organize and prepare your wedding plan to every detail, whatever the type of your wedding ceremony may be and make that day special memorable for everyone and forever!

You only have to choose the type of marriage your’re planning to do!

Find your true love!

  • CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX MARRIAGE | It takes place in an Orthodox church as long as the bride, the groom and the best man are orthodox.
  • CATHOLIC MARRIAGE | According to the Catholic creed, marriage is a divine gift. The couple can get married on condition that they are both above 18.
  • JEWISH MARRIAGE | It takes place in the congregation and it symbolizes the unity of male and female reflecting the harmony of the universe.
  • CIVIL MARRIAGE | Since 1982 civil marriage has been valid in Greece and it takes place in the mayor house. It’s a simple, fast and economical option for those who wish to avoid the traditional aspect of a religious ceremony.